• 40 S&W w/ELP 113gr HS-Laminated HP Projectile

    One live 40 S&W Cartridge with the ELP 113gr. High-Speed -Laminated-HP Projectile. Egineered for High-Speed, Predator distraction without glancing of solid objects using it’s newly patented Laminated inner rings of SS and Bronze, yet delivers the deepest HP projectile in it’s class worldwide to any charging beast.





  • 9mm w/ELP 98gr HS-Low Recoil Projectile

    One live 9mm High-Speed Low-Recoil Cartridge w/ELP 98gr High Speed Chrome-Dome projectile (Part of the Bic Family). Engineered for the Highest-Speed possible from the new Sub-Compact pistols. This round is not designed for in-home defense, however it works extremely well in Bowling Pin target competitions even when the Pins are stacked behind an obstacles.


  • 9mm w/ELP 100gr. Bic Bullet RED R-P 9mm LUGER

    One live 9mm ELP 100gr. Bic Hollow Core Expansion Ball RED Tip bullet. HEADSTAMP R-P 9mm LUGER.


  • 9mm w/ELP 73gr. Shot Capsule

    One live 9mm PRE-CONFIGURED #12 SHOT CAPSULE Ô. These are Case Hardened capsules designed to destruct on impact with little penetration yet one of the highest contact-distribution in this class. The 2014 CapsuleÔ family of User-Configurable Hollow-Cores are sealed with a Highly Unique cap that seals in either liquid or solid material.


  • PETERSENS 45 Colt-shot

    one live 45 Colt shotshell. Originally designed for 45 Colt Revolvers. Nickel Case with clear wad. Headstamp 45 colt.


  • Petersen's 44 Mag-shot Shotshell

    One live 44 Magshot loaded with #12 Snake-shot. nickel case with clear wad. headstamp – - 44 MAG.


  • CCI High Speed 22lr w/ELP HP-Frag. AS/DS

    One live 22 Long Rifle with loaded with the fastest CCI 22 Long Rifle cartridge, with the lightest ELP Hollow Point Fragmentation (HPF) projectile weighing less than 27 grains with a muzzle velocity over 1600 FPS out of a pistol. This 22 LR cartridge with the only pear shaped Hollow Point, the deepest cavity and segmentation in the industry in order to develop the maximum fragmentation without explosives.


  • 22lr w/ELP 33gr SV-MHP Silver Bullet

    One live CCI 22lr cartridge with the ELP 33gr. Standard Velocity Max Hollow Point Silver-BulletÔ projectiles. The ELP Silver-BulletÔ projectiles are infused with Liquid Silver configuration.


  • CCI 22lr Std-V w/ELP 35gr EBC Silver Bullet

    One live CCI Standard-Velocity cartridge with the ELP Silver-BulletÔ 35gr. ELP Expander Ball Capsule (EBC) projectile. ELP Silver-BulletÔ Capsule projectiles are filled with Liquid Silver configuration.


  • FNH 5.7 x 28mm w/ELP Merc Capsule Projectile

    One live FNH 5.7 × 28mm cartridges with the ELP Liquid Silver EBFC (Expander Ball Fragmentation Capsule) projectile. This cartridge has never appeared at auction previously and I do not know how long these will be available in the USA.


  • FNH 5.7 x 28mm w/ELP ITs Turbin Projectile

    One live FNH 5.7 × 28mm cartridge with the ELP IT’sÔ projectile: A 4-Ball Serrated Fragmentation Boat Tail with the #1 Turbine Glide Texture projectile. This cartridge has never appeared at auction previously and I do not know how long these will be available in the USA.


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