.224 Heavy Weight Long High Speed Stinger PROJECTILE

ELP heavy weight Long High Speed Stinger (LHSS) in 22 caliber (.224 projectile) with pressure ridge and Boat Tail base . . . . . . . . . . . The LHSS series is part of the ONE .224 Heavy Weight Long High Speed Stinger PROJECTILE. THESE ARE PART OF THE Javelin Family and was designed to tread through as much water as possible with the lease amount of deflection when fired. This version is the most stable projectile of this size in water and it is astounding as a Fish killer, yep because of the Kite-Tail/Speer effect of the full length Spear running through this thing it is more stable in water than any other projectile. The spear is vulcanized to the main projectile and stabilizes the projectile like a Kite Tail, then slips through the hollow core upon impact with almost anything.

  • $3.50

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