17 HMR Cartridge w/ELP Alum. Spiked HPF-BT C


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ONE LIVE 17 caliber Rim-Fire cartridge (HMR) with the ELP projectile solution to what otherwise is an almost useless product. This cartridge has the ELP Custom 25gr. Aluminum Spiked Hollow Point Fragmentation Boat Tail projectile (ASHOLE for short), the most stable projectile in this class for long-range varmint shooting with any wind. This is also an outstanding Fish-Killer, almost as good as the ELP Javelin√î Family, yep because of the Kite-Tail / Speer effect resulting from the full length Spike running through this thing its more stable in water than any other competitor projectile we have tested in this ‘Spike’ class .The spike is vulcanized to the main projectile and stabilizes the projectile like a Kite Tail, then the spike slips through the hollow core upon impact with almost anything .This .17 Spike√î Family is the short version of the big brother Javelin√î Family and is available to the U.S. Commercial/Civilian market with Bronze, Brass, Aluminum and Steel Spikes that are all spin balanced to duplicate the effect of 184,000 RPM‚Äôs .

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